Experience your vision transform from concept to landmark. We boast excellence in modern design, minor refurbishments & complex development.


Get expert advisory & maximum commercial value in all the various phases of development before commencing on projects.


Start your project with the industry’s developer of choice. Our highly capable team can help you ensure success in all stages of your project(s).


We provide construction services to clients, as well as leasing/selling of high-end residential & commercial property from our portfolio.


Setting the standard

Our exceptional business conduct and quality performance has awarded us great ability to outperform our industry rivals across all verticals – here’s how our clients have benefited:

Specialized Insight
We offer cutting-edge engineering techniques & advisory.
Quality Craftmanship
Our long term experience and expertise guarantee success.
Cost Efficiency
We manage high-end projects without breaking the bank!
Health & Safety
Our hands-on approach provides oversight on every project.
We do things differently

How are we different?

We are always working towards mutual goals

We believe that JKN Dev Con’s great strength lies in our high level of collaboration as it affords us the ability to form a unified thought-process together with our clients.

Apart from skyscrapers, we are building the nation

We enjoy working on projects that directly impact the previously disadvantaged because we are committed to empowering our youth – this is how we’ve built our teams.

Trusted by the Best

We've been building dreams & trust with our clients since 2011

Lucy Smith
Accountant Toto.Ltd

I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude towards your team. I was impressed by your team’s workmanship and professionalism. you attended to all our needs!